Perfect start to a romantic evening

My husband and I had our first date at a wine and cheese bar and the “Wine and Cheese” theme has carried throughout our relationship since. We love trying new wine and cheese bars throughout the city and locally here in New Jersey. I decided I wanted to try to bring the theme home last night and I think it worked! I started with a bottle of Malbec-an Argentinian wine then it was on to the cheeses.  Trying to keep a variety in the cheese spread- I decided to go with a few soft cheese and one hard. (Castello Soft Blue cheese, St. Nectaire, a cranberry blend and Carpuela’s Artisinal Manchego.)

The presentation included sliced apples, prosciutto, strawberry and peach preserves and the choice of a fresh baguette or natural crispbread wafers. One of my favorite things about meals like this is the flexiblity of mixing and matching so many different flavors and textures.

We received a cheese slate as one of our wedding shower gifts ( from Crate and Barrel and that just made the overall meal more fun. It tied in the whole theme and brought the wine and cheese bar right to our house 🙂

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One thought on “Perfect start to a romantic evening

  1. […] have tried to recreate wine and cheese nights at home before (See Perfect Start to a Romantic Evening) but places like Grand Cru really know how to do it right. The myriad of breads, spreads, fruits […]

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