Pats for me please!!!

When I first moved to South Jersey, I was told that when going to Philly for cheese steaks you either go to Pats or Genos. You can’t do both. Since my “new” New Jersey  friends went to Pats, thats where I would go too.  Pats was established in the 1930s and the competitors, Geno’s, opened in 1960s. The famous competition on the corner of Passyunk and 9th has been ongoing for over 40 years!

I was visiting my family in South Jersey over Labor Day weekend and deciding what to do for dinner with my sister and stepsister (who is from Baltimore.) Well a lightbulb quickly went off when I realized Leslie had never had a real Philly cheese steak, so naturally I suggested we cross the bridge to PA and go to Pats!

The one thing you need to know when ordering a steak sandwich at Pats is the correct lingo. That’s right, there is a right way to order and a wrong way to order. I always go for a cheese steak with provolone although their most popular is cheese whiz. Anyway you would properly order the sandwich by asking for a “provolone wit”. (“wit” meaning with onions, “wit-out” meaning no onions)

Pats sells around 1500 sandwiches a DAY! I was there a couple of years ago and there was a guy who read an article about Pats in the paper at his home in Virginia and drove all the way up to try one out for himself!

It is only outside seating but that does not stop people from coming to try this world famous cheese steak year round. In fact, Pat’s is also opened 24 hours a day so swing by any time of any day and treat yourself to this truly delish steak sandwich!

PS- cheese fries are equally as amazing and complete the whole Pat’s experience.


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2 thoughts on “PATS or GENOS?

  1. Daniel Carmona says:

    i had mine ‘WIT’ and extra cheese wiz. I was stuck in a food coma for 35min…totally worth it 😉

  2. when are we going back? 🙂

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