Hands down the best sushi restaurant I have been to…and I have been to a lot! We went to OYA for my friend Laura’s 25th birthday and felt like special guests as soon as we walked in. The atmosphere alone is so chic and classy that you feel like you are in an episode of “Sex and the City.” Once ordering our cocktails, a variety of martinis and glasses of wine, we starting browsing through the menu. Although I could have selected anything off of the menu and probably have been as equally satisfied, we decided to go with the following:  Mucho Bonito Roll, Fruit Roll Up, Rainbow Roll and Rock n’Roll- Roll.  Fruit in sushi was a new concept for me but I am so happy we decided to try it! The contrast of sweet fruit and  salty soy sauce paired with crab meat is a perfect match.

We are going to visit a few friends in DC in a couple of months and can’t wait to revisit OYA! I plan on saving SOME room for dessert because I would like to head to Georgetown Cupcakes afterwards….Mmm! (Amy-Thanks for introducing me by the way!)

Fruit Roll Up:

Avocado, Crab, Strawberry, Kiwi topped with a Mango Dressing

Rainbow Roll:

Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi and Shrimp

Rock n’ Roll:

Eel, Tempura Flakes, Avocado and Cucumber

Mucho Bonito Roll:

Spicy Tuna, Tempura Flakes, Avocado and Ponzu sauce


PS: This dish pictured above was shared by 3 girls 🙂 I have a big appetite but even I could not finish all of that!

DC’s OYA Left me wanting more

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