Peanut Butter is my guilty pleasure. I can no longer have jars of peanut butter in my house because I will eat it by the spoonful! Danny brought this home from work the other night…Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with a Creamy Peanut Butter filling. YUM! Because someone from his job made this- I had to send him on a mission to get the recipe. It is the perfect snack for late afternoon or even a nice dessert choice for after dinner.  Or breakfast. Or anytime! What do you like to pair peanut butter with?

All things peanut butter

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2 thoughts on “All things peanut butter

  1. This photo is dangerous! I guess it must run in our family! I am addicted to Reese’s Pieces cereal and Skinny Cow’s Heavenly Crisp Peanut Butter and Chocolate Bars. Target and Walmart carry them, and Shop Rite does too! Every once in awhile I just have a peanut butter sandwich.

  2. Wow I haven’t had Reese’s Pieces cereal in a long time. I wasn’t allowed to have that growing up! 😉

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