Ok you have all heard me go on and on about my sincere love for a good cheeseburger, yet I have not featured one on FOREVERHUNGRY! One of my fellow wordpress bloggers, LA QUEEN PINS inspired me to go for a good burger this week.

Here it is! Biggies in Carlsdadt, NJ has award winning burgers, ribs, raw bar, etc. as I have mentioned before. However i would really like to focus on the delicious burgers today. This is a plain bacon cheeseburger- but not plain in the taste category by any means!

A simple patty with bacon, cheddar cheese,  swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato placed on a fresh bun is all it took for me to fall in love! Not to mention the waffle fries it comes with are out of the world:)

Amazing burger alert!

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3 thoughts on “Amazing burger alert!

  1. Who did you go with, anyone I know? Dave made two more lunches out of my leftovers!

  2. Amy says:

    Wow…I am now starving after looking at that picture. Mmmmm

  3. yeah that meal was huge!! but it also looked delicious and im so happy we were all able to go out together, mom! 🙂 and amy, tell me about it! so great! ps. can i put your candy bar apple on the site? i was blown away by it!!! dont worry i will give you the credit for making it 🙂

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