Oprah has given her stamp of approval


Get Fresh Bakery was giving away samples of their delicious, gluten-free, (yes I said delicious!) at BergenFest a couple of weeks ago. I have to say I don’t know too much about a Gluten free diet but I am eager to learn more about this lifestyle.

I have to admit I was first intrigued by the packaging because of the QR code. This is something I work on in my position as an Internet Marketing Coordinator and it’s always fun to see other companies implementing this new marketing strategy.

However, this blog is about food so back to the good stuff! I don’t think I have ever consciously had a gluten free cookie before but when I took my first bite of this one, I was expecting a plain flavor. Boy was I wrong! Get Fresh Bakery does a great job keeping all of the flavors of this Classic American favorite.

Oprah.com voted Get Fresh Bakehouse’s cookies as their favorite chocolate chip cookie, noting it was a “runaway winner!” What an honor! .

What I love even more about this story is that the whole concept came about when Jeff Robbin’s daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease and he wanted to try his hand at gluten free baking. Way to go, Jeff! I would say this story is a success all around:)

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