What is fun about “fun sized” candy?


Seriously! What IS fun about a piece of candy that is just one bite? If I had anything to do with marketing campaigns for Mars or any other candy company for that matter, I would label the 6 inch long candy bars “fun size!” Even better, why not create a candy bar that is so big, you CAN’T even finish it in one sitting? That sounds more fun to me than the whole experience being over in about 30 seconds! There is nothing fun about seeing 10 fun sized wrappers next to you after you have filled yourself with candy bars!! šŸ˜‰

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One thought on “What is fun about “fun sized” candy?

  1. omg….great minds must think alike! some of my students brought them in today, and i thought the same thing….what is fun about a puny little candy bar…..no sir…..no fun in that….give me a big honkin’ super size snickers, and then we will talk about fun!

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