About a month ago I went to Bistro 55 in Rochelle Park. Bistro is a part of the restaurant group South City Group. Anyway, we go there occassionally for some awesome oysters and appetizers and a couple of drinks. This night in particular, we tried just about everything on the menu! The manager Jess always has the best suggestions and can pair any food item with one of the numerous beers on tap they have to offer.

One of the best features of Bistro 55 and what really sets it apart from the competition is their incredible beer selection.  They change their draft beer seasonally as well so you always have a great selection of oktoberfests and ciders. The other cool thing is you can order a flight of beer and choose 4 for just $11!

So this picture is the Peach Habanero Glazed Wings. WOW! so good. They definitely have a kick to them but the combination of the sweet with spicy is right on.

Peach habanero deliciousness

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2 thoughts on “Peach habanero deliciousness

  1. So when will you post again….need some new ideas! how about some low calorie ones?! Did you know that Applebees posts Weight Watcher points!?

  2. Im back! I have been eating a lot since my last entry and have lots of photos and stories to talk about! Im always open to suggestions and new ideas so please….share away! 🙂

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