I heard from my former boss this morning with a “Hoppy Easter” text and it was perfect timing because I was just deciding on a title for this entry. Hoppy Easter, Stan!

I have been having so much fun creating new desserts and creations with my cake pop maker. It is always a huge project and leaves my kitchen in a huge mess, but I’m still convinced it is always worth it.

I made Easter cake pops with little chicks and Easter eggs to bring to my mom and Daves for Easter Sunday. I will admit I could still use some practice, especially because some of the chicks look like they are crying, but they sure taste good and who doesn’t enjoy a mini piece of cake?

Happy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!

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One thought on “Hoppy Easter!

  1. I liked it because on my Weight Watchers Diet I can have one and feel like I had a piece of cake, the little chicks are so cute too! Do you think they are crying because they know I am going to eat them?!

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