The Southern Foodie Herself

From CLT, NC to NY, NYHello world! I am Megan, a young Southern girl at heart, living in the chaos of a state that is referred to as JERSEY! I am a Traffic Coordinator by day and “foodie” by night. Whether it is a delicious home cooked meal made by my husband, an “experiment of a meal” made by myself, or a huge juicy burger from my favorite burger joint of the week- I am here to share my passion for food with YOU!

I am fortunate to live in the melting pot of the United States. Living in the Greater New York City area, I am just close enough to get my hands on just about anything I can imagine.  Indian Butter Chicken, Greek Meatballs and Gyros, Good old ‘Merican Cheeseburgers,  Japanese sashimi and amazing rolls,  the list goes on and on. Sure I miss Sweet Tea from McAllisters Deli and a BLT on a whole wheat bagel from Brueggers Bagels, but guess what! While searching for these replacements I have found so much more. Colombian empanadas, New York pizza, and hotdogs with avocado and mayonnaise that is to die for!

My real joy in exploring new foods, new  company and new restaurants is the overall experience. We all have our favorite “go-to” places for a Friday night dinner because that is what we are comfortable with, we know what we like. There is so much more to sharing meals with your family, friends, significant other and even a blind date than just the taste of the food. The atmosphere can make a house salad taste like a million dollars. The atmosphere can also make a filet taste like you are chewing on a tire. It is my pleasure to explore the good and the bad, the pretty and the ugly just so that you will think outside of the box, try something new and we can share this love for food and culture together!

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