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My sister made this out of this world cake this Sunday… Seriously surprisingly good!! Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful, and decadent BUT once you take a bit you are in for a surprise!

It is light, not heavy at all even though it appears to be quite filling. It is an angel cake with a pineapple pudding, raspberries and blackberries. She made the pudding with crushed pineapples and vanilla pudding mix then layered it on the cake.

Just writing about it makes me wish I brought some back home with me to enjoy a piece, or three, right now 🙂

Perfect Spring Dessert!

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Healthier Choice BLT


This healthier version of a BLT is actually more appealing to me than a classic BLT. And because it is made with Canadian Bacon, I will now refer to this delightful lunch as a “CBLT” 😉

The CBLT is also a healthier choice because whole wheat pita bread is used instead of white. Simply stuff the pita with crispy Canadian bacon, lettuce and tomato and drizzle red wine vinegar and you are good to go! What is your favorite healthy lunch when you are on the go?


My sister is amazing in the kitchen! She is always coming up with something new and that’s one of the many reasons as to why I admire her so much! Plus it’s a pretty fair system: she cooks and I can sample things:) The only thing is that I’m living in north jersey and she’s in south jersey at culinary school. I only get to taste her latest creations when we are both home or when we visit each other.

Anyway! This is Breakfast Bruchetta. Eggs, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. It is light, yet so satisfying!

Breakfast bruchetta

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