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Can we all just take a minute and really look at these pies? They could easily be mistaken for the scented fake ones that you find for the holidays in order to make your kitchen smell delicious; however, this is the real deal. I am proud to say that I know the fine baker that made these beauties, and also privileged to say I get to eat these twice a year.

I consider my stepdad, Dave, the “Pie King.” This nickname did not come right away, you see. I need to backtrack and little and explain that he is just a good cook in general. He especially shines when Thanksgiving rolls around each year, he truly makes an amazing meal. He literally cooks everything from scratch and we are continually impressed each year. Because I have always been more of a “foodie,” meaning I choose to stuff myself with food instead of “saving room for dessert,” I didn’t always make dessert or the pies, a priority. Therefore, I always admired him for his fine cooking skills. Then it dawned on me, my stepdad is amazing at making pies, too! All of this time I had let his turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing talents take the front seat when in all reality, the pies were the prize!

That incredible pie that I had eyed up and down throughout the previous years was calling my name. But not just the pumpkin pie, the apple pie as well. I didn’t know how to handle this situation so the obvious thing to do was just to eat a slice of each!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my Thanksgiving tradition. Saving room for two slices of pie from the Pie King himself!

From the pie king himself!

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I definitely procrastinated when it came to writing about this particular experience with this particular picture because I’ll admit, it’s a little embarrassing. HOWEVER, I’m here to provide all of my readers with some entertainment, insight on some various foods and remain open for discussion!

So, Baked by Melissa, a genius chain of mini cupcake stores had me in love at first sight. The moment I saw the store front on 7th Ave, I knew it was going to be good. (Side Bar- I absolutely LOVE the branding of the store: clean, simple, modern, only displaying what they need to…their brilliant mini cupcakes!!)

OK so this all started when I wanted to take something in to work around the holidays for my co workers. Instead of getting a bunch of individual gifts, I was trying to think of something fun I could bring in that everyone would enjoy. My mind first drifted to donuts (boring,) then cookies (so not original,) then TA DAH! It dawned on me this was the perfect opportunity to stop in this storefront that I had passed multiple times. Baked by Melissa! I think the reason I put it off for so long was because I know myself too well, and I knew that I would quickly become addicted.

Baked by Melissa is a bakery with the right idea. Instead of walking into a bakery and not being able to decide which dessert to buy, the owner, Melissa Bushell, came up with the idea of having a huge selection of stuffed cupcakes, a tiny bit larger than a quarter, that everyone will enjoy. The best part is, you can try as many as you want and still not have too much of a guilt trip since they are so small. ย They have the classics such as red velvet and cookies ‘n’ cream, but the extraordinary flavors such as peanut butter fluff, smores and tie-dye are what really set this place apart from the rest. You cannot go in there and walk out with just one treat.

Let’s just say that these were a hit at work. I was so pleased with the pricing as well that I knew I would definitely be back in the near future.

Now, for the “embarrassing” portion of this entry. When I saw the tie dyed cupcakes, I immediately thought of my friend Amy. Hi Amy! When her birthday rolled around, I wanted to send her something in DC that was unique and obviously something she would enjoy. Well I had her card and I had one part of her gift, but the embarrassing thing is that my intentions were to try and mail her a dozen tie-dyed cupcakes.

They come in nice packaging and I thought for sure it would be secure enough to send for a birthday surprise. As I was in line at the post office, I was trying to shake it around a little to “test” the box to make sure they would all stay in place for their journey to DC. I was starting to panic as I approached the front of the line because I was quickly realizing my plan was not going to work. The real pressure was that it was already past her birthday AND my hour lunch break was almost over. These little desserts were certainly not going to stay in their places in the box, let alone look anything like what they are supposed to look like once the box was opened on the receiving end.

Amy, I’m sorry but I ended up eating half and sharing half with coworkers that day. I can admit to this now because I am making a promise to hand deliver some at the end of May when I come visit you ๐Ÿ™‚

Go to Baked at Melissas before the end of the month to try the PEANUT BUTTER FLUFF cupcake: Brown Vanilla Cake, Marshmallow Fluff Stuffing and Peanut Butter Icing. DELISH!

Um yes please!

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My sister made this out of this world cake this Sunday… Seriously surprisingly good!! Don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful, and decadent BUT once you take a bit you are in for a surprise!

It is light, not heavy at all even though it appears to be quite filling. It is an angel cake with a pineapple pudding, raspberries and blackberries. She made the pudding with crushed pineapples and vanilla pudding mix then layered it on the cake.

Just writing about it makes me wish I brought some back home with me to enjoy a piece, or three, right now ๐Ÿ™‚

Perfect Spring Dessert!

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I heard from my former boss this morning with a “Hoppy Easter” text and it was perfect timing because I was just deciding on a title for this entry. Hoppy Easter, Stan!

I have been having so much fun creating new desserts and creations with my cake pop maker. It is always a huge project and leaves my kitchen in a huge mess, but I’m still convinced it is always worth it.

I made Easter cake pops with little chicks and Easter eggs to bring to my mom and Daves for Easter Sunday. I will admit I could still use some practice, especially because some of the chicks look like they are crying, but they sure taste good and who doesn’t enjoy a mini piece of cake?

Happy Easter!

Hoppy Easter!

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haha I was really just laughing while making these because they came out so ridiculous!…but fun, right? I am one of the ones that is now obsessed with the Bachelor. I watched it seasons ago but stopped watching when what’s his name picked Molly at the “After the Rose” episode, AFTER he picked Melissa during the season finale. People are so weird but I understand it’s tv and they most likely make you do things like that for ratings but it was annoying as a viewer.

Anyway, I don’t know why I started watching it again this season but I did. And I was hooked. I was Team Kasey B until the hometown visits, then I liked Nickie and now I really don’t even care anymore because for some reason the tabloids have already exposed the winner! What’s up with that?? What a buzz kill.

None the less, I am going to a “Bachelor Season Finale Party” at my friend Tara’s tomorrow. We both know who the winner is, but it will still be fun to see how the whole thing unfolds, and honestly just to critique everything ๐Ÿ™‚ You are allowed to do that since they are on tv ๐Ÿ™‚

I wanted to bring something fun to the “party” and even after google-ing different ideas, I couldn’t find anything fun! So then it occured to me that I should make cake pops of Ben and the final two, Lindzi and Courtney. Luckily, the girls have different colored hair because really that’s the only thing that distinguishes my cake pops from one another. (Good luck picking out which ones are Courtney and which ones are Ben since they pretty much have the same hair!)

What did you guys think of this season’s Bachelor?

Team Courtney or Team Lindzi? The Bachelor Season Finale!

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Picture this: It is 2:00 pm. You are sitting at your desk and look at the clock and realize you still have a few hours left on a Monday. You are experiencing a typical Monday afternoon slump and you just need something, anything to get you through the rest of the day. Well most of the time, this “something” for me is a hot green tea, maybe peanut butter m&ms, maybe just a piece of gum? Well this particular day I had nothing.

It was going to be a long rest of the afternoon. That was, until this little sugar packed candy made it to my desk.

Hm. Starburst? Not my candy of choice butย I’m feeling pretty open to new ideas today. The fact that it was purple was not only intriguing but made it seem like everything was going to be okay! What flavor is purple? Has anyone ever seen this before or am I the first? So many things going through my head at this point!

Unfortunately, this purple starburst was just a mini package of burst dreams. Royal Berry Punch, you may be a pretty package, but I hope next time I unwrap your wrapper, you surprise me with a red starburst instead.

Short and Sweet

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When Baked in a Cup first opened, I was working across the street in downtown Ramsey and knew that I was going to be in trouble. Before Baked in a Cup existed, my sweets cravings were typically ignored since I would either have to make something myself, or, actually drive a good distance to get to a decent bakery. But now, with home made cupcake creations within walking distance, these cravings would not only be satisfied, I was afraid that they would leave me wanting more!

First of all the bakery itself is very inviting and I love what they did with the space. I am not so much the sweets person as my husband is, so I am always looking for a new place to pick up a red velvet cupcake for him, his favorite. Now that’s not to say that I never get anything for myself when I go out to get these red velvet cupcakes, let’s just say I can find something the both of us will enjoy at Baked in a Cup.

My absolute favorite thing about Baked in a Cup, and what I feel truly sets it apart from the booming cupcake competition, is that a lot of their cupcakes have surprise fillings and man are they delicious! Their peanut butter filling is off the charts and seriously had me thinking about it for days! If you check out their menu, you will notice they have different signature flavors on different days. This guarantees the freshest baked cupcakes to keep you coming back for more.

The picture above is actually a little sampler that I picked up recently to drop of to Danny at work. It has a nice mixture of flavors in mini cupcakes which is perfect for so many occassions!

Although I no longer work or live within walking distance, I am still sure to frequently drop in to try out the latest flavor ๐Ÿ™‚ย Enjoy!

Favorite Local Cupcake Spot! “Baked in a Cup”

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What is fun about “fun sized” candy?


Seriously! What IS fun about a piece of candy that is just one bite? If I had anything to do with marketing campaigns for Mars or any other candy company for that matter, I would label the 6 inch long candy bars “fun size!” Even better, why not create a candy bar that is so big, you CAN’T even finish it in one sitting? That sounds more fun to me than the whole experience being over in about 30 seconds! There is nothing fun about seeing 10 fun sized wrappers next to you after you have filled yourself with candy bars!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Happy Halloween!


I was so excited to try my own version of cupcakes filled with candy corn filling but found these cute treats quite a trick to make! I loved the idea of having a simple cupcake on the outside but a fun Halloween surprise on the inside!

When done correctly, these desserts look like they have a giant candy corn on the inside with white, yellow and orange icing. I have to practice my cutting skills a little more for next time so it is in a better triangle shape, but overall, it was a fun Halloween treat! Thanks Sugar Turntable! love your ideas!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Happy birthday to my little sister!


My mom and sister came up to north jersey so we could spend a day in NYC celebrating my little sisters birthday! Christy requested a “boo and bown” (blue and brown) birthday cake when she was a toddler and I tried to keep that ongoing joke alive even celebrating her 23rd birthday!

Now you may think this picture does not look like a blue and brown cake, but trust me it is… With a twist:) I decided to bake vanilla cupcakes, fill with a blue filling (cool whip) and include a miniature version of a cupcake on top using a mini reeses cup also topped with cool whip.


I thought they came out cute and it was quite tasty! I like using cool whip as icing because it’s much lighter yet still easy to work with:)


Happy birthday, christy!!

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