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Happy Halloween!


I was so excited to try my own version of cupcakes filled with candy corn filling but found these cute treats quite a trick to make! I loved the idea of having a simple cupcake on the outside but a fun Halloween surprise on the inside!

When done correctly, these desserts look like they have a giant candy corn on the inside with white, yellow and orange icing. I have to practice my cutting skills a little more for next time so it is in a better triangle shape, but overall, it was a fun Halloween treat! Thanks Sugar Turntable! love your ideas!!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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Happy birthday to my little sister!


My mom and sister came up to north jersey so we could spend a day in NYC celebrating my little sisters birthday! Christy requested a “boo and bown” (blue and brown) birthday cake when she was a toddler and I tried to keep that ongoing joke alive even celebrating her 23rd birthday!

Now you may think this picture does not look like a blue and brown cake, but trust me it is… With a twist:) I decided to bake vanilla cupcakes, fill with a blue filling (cool whip) and include a miniature version of a cupcake on top using a mini reeses cup also topped with cool whip.


I thought they came out cute and it was quite tasty! I like using cool whip as icing because it’s much lighter yet still easy to work with:)


Happy birthday, christy!!

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Oprah has given her stamp of approval


Get Fresh Bakery was giving away samples of their delicious, gluten-free, (yes I said delicious!) at BergenFest a couple of weeks ago. I have to say I don’t know too much about a Gluten free diet but I am eager to learn more about this lifestyle.

I have to admit I was first intrigued by the packaging because of the QR code. This is something I work on in my position as an Internet Marketing Coordinator and it’s always fun to see other companies implementing this new marketing strategy.

However, this blog is about food so back to the good stuff! I don’t think I have ever consciously had a gluten free cookie before but when I took my first bite of this one, I was expecting a plain flavor. Boy was I wrong! Get Fresh Bakery does a great job keeping all of the flavors of this Classic American favorite. voted Get Fresh Bakehouse’s cookies as their favorite chocolate chip cookie, noting it was a “runaway winner!” What an honor! .

What I love even more about this story is that the whole concept came about when Jeff Robbin’s daughter was diagnosed with Celiac disease and he wanted to try his hand at gluten free baking. Way to go, Jeff! I would say this story is a success all around:)

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Well, here they are! CAKEPOPS for You greeted us at the door to Bergenfest Party & Expo 2011 last Thursday afternoon and what a pleasant greeting it was! I have tried to make this latest dessert trend at home and I can promise you my version of cake pops looked nothing like theirs! Not only was their display amazing, but the taste was as equally satisfying.  I mentioned before that I tried the carrot cake-cake pop covered in white chocolate and orange sprinkles and would highly recommend it! I am not a fan of white chocolate and I have to admit I didn’t even realize that is what I was eating until I had already finished half. I guess I do like white chocolate after all!

Ok so maybe I tried another one…They were also handing out a chocolate cake covered in chocolate with colored sprinkles cake pop.  I honestly can’t wait to go to their store in Ridgewood and see what other flavors they have! I just need to wait for a special occasion because I know I will single handedly eat whatever I bring home. I’m sure I will be able to come up with some excuse very soon. Maybe to celebrate Thursday, tomorrow!

What I like most about this treat is that they are the perfect size to just grab one and try a certain flavor, and ENJOY that flavor, without eating an entire piece of cake or cupcake.

They occasionally have offers on groupon as well so be sure to check that out!

Latest dessert trend- cake pops!

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Sugarflake Bakeshop (Fair Lawn and Westwood, NJ) was at BergenFest Party & Expo, hosted by Bergen Health and Life Magazine,  and came prepared with the best of the best. Cupcakes, pies and pastries galore!

Although they had quite the variety organized in a beautiful display, I was immediately drawn to one cupcake in particular. Surprise, surprise! I went with the peanut butter.  It really was amazing… The light, fluffy peanut butter icing is what really did it for me. I would definitely take the trip to Westwood next time I need to pick up a dessert! Sharing these with all of you is a real treat because I know you will thank me later 🙂

Peanut butter heaven

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Peanut Butter is my guilty pleasure. I can no longer have jars of peanut butter in my house because I will eat it by the spoonful! Danny brought this home from work the other night…Chocolate Chip Banana Bread with a Creamy Peanut Butter filling. YUM! Because someone from his job made this- I had to send him on a mission to get the recipe. It is the perfect snack for late afternoon or even a nice dessert choice for after dinner.  Or breakfast. Or anytime! What do you like to pair peanut butter with?

All things peanut butter

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One of the hardest parts of planning a wedding is picturing  what everything is going to look like: flowers, decor, your hair and the cake! The cake is one part of the wedding planning process that I didn’t think about too much until Barbara from Brigalias asked what we wanted. I had no idea! Danny is the sweets person so I decided to let him have some say in this aspect of the planning process.  I thought for sure he would go with a red velvet, but he decided to go with a simple pound cake that everyone would be able to enjoy.

After looking through all of our options for the design of the cake, I still could not decide on what it was exactly that I wanted it to be. Then I found the paisley design – it was a cake with white icing and colorful paisley- this particular picture  in the album at the venue was purple.  Since I had already talked to my amazing florists- Dawn and Mary  at A Garden Party Wedding Florists, and decided that we would have a stream of fresh flowers cascading down the side of the cake, I thought this might work!

The piece that really pulled the flowers and paisley together was our decision to have white paisley accents instead of purple. I think it gave the cake a classic, textured look and the flowers completed the whole ensemble. I couldn’t have been happier with not only the way that the cake looked, but the taste was wonderful as well! I was in good hands with the ladies at Brigalias and A Garden Party Wedding Florists.

(This picture is compliments of David Humphreys Photography, thanks for doing an amazing job and capturing so many wonderful moments!!)

Just what I never knew I always wanted!

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These might not be the prettiest football cupcakes one has ever seen but I am pretty proud of my efforts! We are going to a football party today and I decided to make vanilla cupcakes with homemade chocolate buttercream frosting  and a marshmallow frosting for the laces. Initially I wanted to make “team” cupcakes by decorating them with the teams’ colors. Problem was, I wasn’t sure who was playing today and I could imagine myself showing up to a party with cupcakes decorated with teams that were not playing! This was a safe plan and I’m sure everyone won’t mind because who doesn’t like a cupcake!

The next time I make them, I will go with a different icing for the laces because marshmallow is pretty hard to work with. I guess you have to learn these things by trying 🙂

Football Season is Here!

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