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Yes, they went there. The Shannon Rose took that gutsy risk and decided to offer what is called a MURDER BURGER– a burger deep fried in Harp beer batter. So many different thoughts went through my head when I saw this on the menu. First of course being, “Um of course I want to eat that, a cheeseburger? fried? wow!” Of course the other thoughts consisted of not wanting to have a heart attack at 26 since I would probably be able to finish the entire thing. But still, a fried cheeseburger? It might be a risk I was willing to take. Solution? Danny ordered it instead 🙂

Let me step back and give a little history of the relationship I have with The Shannon Rose. The first time I experienced the restaurant was at the Clifton location. My friend Sophia introduced it to me and I loved the pub atmosphere, the drink menus and the bar food as well. They have a great selection of sliders and fries- exactly what everyone and anyone wants to eat at a bar. The problem was I didn’t live too close to Clifton so it was always a bit of a hike. We met friends there a couple of times when the UFC fights were on (to please the boys) and even though I had no interest in what was going on with the fights, I was satisfied with the rest of everything going on…music, friends, food and drinks!

When I was driving home one day and noticed that an old Fridays by our apartment was turning into a Shannon Rose-Ramsey, I was thrilled! A short while later, when we went there for the first time, I was impressed with what they had done to the place. It has been open for a few weeks now and it is STILL a full house every time I pass by. One of the coolest features is that they have live music at night with different bands. Really cool.

I am recommending to everyone out there to go and try the Shannon Rose Quesadilla. You will not be sorry! Not only is the quesadilla delicious but it has a secret, genius ingredient…spinach and artichoke dip. AMAZING.

So back to the burger…I always say you have to try everything once. (Well when it comes to food). And actually, I might not say that if I was having this conversation with lets say, Anthony Bourdain, however; try the burger. Then you let me know…is it true or false? Does everything fried  taste good?

T or F? “Anything Fried Tastes Good”

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Too bad I didn’t serve this on a different colored plate! The picture would have been perfect. Next time!

This is a picture of filet with blue cheese crumbles and homemade croutons with a side of Spanish rice.  I was looking for a recipe with blue cheese since my husband likes it so much, but like I have mentioned before, I’m not really a fan. I found this recipe on and decided to try to make it because it seemed simple enough!

The filet was amazing- the cut was great and the meat itself was incredible. Honestly this was not hard to make and it was actually kind of fun trying to make the croutons. That is something I had never done before and it was so easy! We added much more parmesan cheese to the croutons than called for, but what can we say? We love cheese 🙂

Anyway, the most surprising part of this whole experience was that I really enjoyed the entire meal! Including the blue cheese which is something I tend to stay away from. Definitely will be making this again!

I think I do like blue cheese afterall

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In my last position, I had to order food for meetings every once in a while. Okay, one might think, not a big deal just look at the catering menus, pick out a few different types of sandwiches and carry on with your day. Well, that was not the case for me. Instead, I would do as I was asked but then I would actually go home and try to replicate the menus that I had been dreaming of ever since placing that order at 10 AM.

The life of a “forever hungry” person is not always easy 🙂 Pictured above are mini sandwiches I made for an Ugly Sweater Holiday Party we had at our house in December. It is a smoked turkey sandwich with cheddar cheese, spinach and cranberry mayonnaise on an onion roll. I added the onion roll because the flavors of onion and cranberry just mesh so well. Now I am not going to pretend like these were the best things I have ever made. Remember, I am learning!! They WOULD have been the amazing party sandwiches that I had so desperately hoped for if I didn’t prepare them so early. I was trying to make sure all of the food would be ready at the same time, therefore I made the sandwiches a couple of hours before everyone came over. So, by the time the guests had arrived, the bread was going a little stale.

OK all you experts out there, HELP! Should I put the bread in the refrigerator? Keep it out? How do you keep it fresh? They were still a hit but I have a little more learning to do before attempting to put them out before a group of hungry people again!

Do it Yourself Catering

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I had heard of “The Tilted Kilt” but didn’t know too much about it other than it is often compared to Hooters. The combination of the fact that I am a girl and I don’t really love wings, has pretty much kept me away from Hooters. Don’t get me wrong, I would probably go if someone asked me tonight or tomorrow because I rarely say no to food/entertaining environments, it just has not made it to the top of my list yet.

Danny and I were planning on meeting my stepdad, Dave, my mom, my stepsister Leslie and her husband Matt in Baltimore to celebrate Dave’s birthday. Phew! That was a mouth-full! Did you get all of that? Leslie suggested the Tilted Kilt being that none of us had been there before and it would definitely be quite an experience.

I have to say my initial thoughts were a little skeptical considering we were going with our parents. I know we are all adults but I was hoping it wouldn’t be like those awkward moments when you go to the movies with your mom and all of the sudden male nudity in movies is legal (thank you Forgetting Sarah Marshall) and you are just sitting there, next to your mom, not saying anything and just staring. That is kind of what I was thinking this experience was going to be like.

Ill be honest, I was pleasantly surprised! It was a fun, pub like restaurant, almost like a Shannon Rose, except with really pretty waitresses wearing a little less clothing than normal. Now, people will also say that Hooters is known for the girls, not necessarily the food. I don’t know if that is true or not BUT I do know that the food at the Tilted Kilt was actually really good and the menu selection was more than plenty.

For all of you who have toyed with the idea of checking it out (or the waitresses out for that matter) I would recommend it! It’s a fun atmosphere with lots of good food and drinks to choose from.

Lastly, you have to go to find out the meaning of “Tilted Kilt” as it is written on the wall 🙂

Tilted What?

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I think by now all of you know I have a soft spot for Biggies. It’s funny because Danny and I lived about 10 minutes away for a year and only discovered it our last two months there. Now we live about 45 minutes away and find ourselves there at least once a month.

Their beer selection is incredible, personally I love Magic Hat #9 and it’s one of the only bars that I know I can always order one.

Enough about drinks, this is a food blog afterall and I’m here to tell you about the Ahi Tuna Tacos:)

It is offered on the appetizer section of the menu but it is the perfect size for an entree for one, ME! It’s a simple, light meal and I have found myself ordering it time and time again. It’s basically two grilled tortillas with fresh ahi tuna, lettuce, tomatoes and a delish wasabi mayonnaise.

Just talking about it makes me want more and I just had it last night:)

Bringin it back to biggies

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Part of the reason I started this blog was because I really do think I have an abnormal diet and I am okay with telling you that I really did have three hotdogs from three different places in 24 hours. That is pretty gross. I really don’t eat like that often, but I watch my diet the rest of the time and try to stick to my workout routine so I CAN do weird things like this unintentional mini hotdog marathon that occurred a couple of weeks ago.

So the morning after Ben’s Chili Bowl  , Danny and I packed our things, said good bye to Tom and Amy, and headed back into DC to do some touristy things. We had been warned that there were not too many restaurants near the Washington Monument, MLK Memorial or the Smithsonian Museums, but that’s what we had on our schedule for the day and figured we would be able to find something to eat since we are not picky eaters. (Big surprise, I know!)

After walking around for a while, we did start to get hungry and of course could not even find a little hole in the wall to slip into for a bite. We did want to try something cool and unique to DC, but given our location and quickly increasing appetite, we ended up just getting a plain hotdog from a stand. Was it good? Sure. Was it satisfying? Eh.

We continued on to the National Musesum of Natural History. Our last stop for the day was the Air and Space museum so we were pretty much staying in the same area for a while. A couple of hours later, we realized that the skimpy hotdog from earlier was not going to hold us over. Once we found the nice little “Atrium Cafe” at the museum, we felt a little relieved because there were so many options for lunch! It was a cafeteria style restaurant with pizza, sandwiches, salads, bbq and…..drumroll…. hotdogs! But these were not just any hot dogs, they were topped with BBQ and Coleslaw. Come on! How do you say no to that!?

It was just funny because out of all of the choices of food, we were both drawn to the hotdog and each ended up getting one. They were certainly tasty and I think I might try my own rendition next time we cook them on the grill. That might be a while though, because after 3 hotdogs in one weekend, I think I am good for a while!

Hotdog Número 3 for the Weekend!

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OK…I know what you are thinking…”EW.” I thought the same thing when I uploaded this picture haha. HOWEVER, I did not think ew when this was handed to me, or when I was eating it! So stay open minded! I would like to introduce the one, the only, the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl chili dog in Washington DC.

Danny and I went to visit two of my very best friends Amy and Laura, and Amy’s husband, Tom in DC a couple of weekends ago and this is where we ended up after going to a few bars. I have to admit that I only ordered my hotdog with cheese, therefore this picture was either Tom, Amy or Laura’s hotdog. I think it’s funny because I didn’t realize how BAD the chili looked until I saw the picture I took even though you would think that is why I ordered mine without.

Because Ben’s Chili Bowl hotdogs are famous FOR their chili, and I just had cheese, I tried a bite of one of my friend’s and have to say that it really was dynamite. They had video footage playing of all of the celebrities that have been to Ben’s Chili Bowl over the years, including President Obama, and the history of the restaurant which was really neat.

Ben’s Chili Bowl is also featured on Serious Eats as one of the Top 29 Touristy Spots in America that are actually good. I have to agree! Stop by next time you are in DC for a good lunch, dinner or anytime snack 🙂

It’s good… I promise!


First of all I would like to apologize because I have been MIA the past few weeks! The combination of a broken computer and starting a new job have kept me away from updating ForeverHungry, but certainly have not kept me away from food so there is plenty to catch up on 🙂 I wanted to highlight  Maguro Sushi House today because it is a repeat sushi restaurant on our date night list!

This sushi spot on Main Street in Ramsey is located where Sushi Yoshi used to be. They re-did the decorating inside and it’s really cute and welcoming. The staff is also extremely pleasant and part of the reason why we keep going back. The main reason however is their amazing sushi selection! The food is delicious.

This picture is the Sweet Potato Roll, Shrimp Tempura Roll and Spicy Tuna. Classics, but seriously done right!

Last night, I had the Shogun Roll- Eel, Spicy Tuna, Cucumber, Tempura Flakes and Jalapeno Caviar with Spicy Sauce. OK, I didn’t have it exactly like that, I substituted the cucumber for avocado and nixed the jalapeno caviar, but it was out of this world 🙂 I always like to try a new roll but this might be something I stick with for a while.

Sticking to Sushi

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First trip to hell’s kitchen


My first trip to hells kitchen was a major success. Christy, my mom and I wanted to go somewhere we had never been before so we just googled a couple of restaurants and ended up at 1-2-3 burger. If these sliders in the picture don’t do it for you, I don’t know what will!! Seriously, amazing sliders at amazing prices. Once we got there, at 1 pm, we quickly realized it’s more like a dive bar but we decided to stay for lunch anyway. I know I will be making the trip back for some drinks and delicious bar food in the near future!!

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New burger joint!


I have been meaning to try Shake and Sizzle in Mahwah for a while now and finally got around to it! They have a great selection of burgers, ribs and shakes and I would recommend trying it out:)

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