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Houlihans “shrooms” are definitely a weak spot of mine. It doesn’t matter if I’m not hungry, if I’m dieting or in a hurry, I order the shrooms appetizer without fail.

They recently came out with a “small plates” or “small dishes” menu that includes a smaller version of the scrumptious appetizer so I have been ordering that instead. Hey, whatever it takes to make you feel less guilty right?! 🙂

They are basically fried mushrooms stuffed with a horseradish/cream cheese filling and pretty much just incredible.

I went to Houlihans in Ramsey last night for a friends birthday and finished eating them before anyone else had a chance to try them. Oops!

An oldie but a goodie

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Guilty pleasure in a bottle


This is how off my “healthy meter” is- I actually saw this soy vanilla chai drink at shop rite and though “wow that sounds delicious AND pretty healthy!” 19 g of protein? Even better!

I bought the close to $3 drink and I was right about one thing… It tasted amazing! The combination of vanilla and chai should incorporated into more things! Unfortunately I was not right when it came to my idea of healthy.

It does have a lot of calories… It is one of those labels that gives you the nutritional value per serving and since it’s one bottle you assume THAT is the serving but it ends up being like 35368 servings! Ok, I’m exaggerating, it’s only 2 but you get my point.

The good news is that it is so filling it almost acts as a meal replacement!

The point of this post is to introduce you to a very satisfying beverage for your taste buds and suggest occasionally treating yourself to one!:)

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Just the other day I was talking about my addiction to peanut butter and how it is hard to even have it in the house because I am tempted to eat the entire jar in one sitting while watching either Criminal Minds or The Office. Well I just came across this newer product, powdered peanut butter! Ok, the idea might take a second to warm up to, but when you hear all of the benefits, you might just come around too! I originally found this on and learned that by simply adding oil and water to the powdery mix, voila! You now have peanut butter!

This will solve my eating it out of the jar problem, well I would hope, and makes it that much easier to add an accent of peanut butter to several treats such as ice cream, pancakes, cereal, milk. Wow- I can’t wait to try this out! Best part is, it is 85% less fat than traditional peanut butter. Interesting!

Peanut butter solution?

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Afternoon delight!


I normally love eating things and writing about things that are not so healthy- that is why I thought I would throw this 80 calorie snack in the mix! It tastes like dessert- and is good for you! Just enough to get me through that mid afternoon slump at work. Fills me up until dinner which won’t be for a couple of hours.

I’ll be honest, I feel like a traitor because I have been a dedicated Chobani “eater” for quite some time now and swear by it. However, recently stores like Shop Rite,  A&P AND Pathmark have been completely out!! Either they had major sales that I missed or people are catching on to the Greek yogurt trend and seriously stocking up.  Either way, by the time I get to the store,  I am left to decide between original or honey flavors. No thank you. The lack of my favorite yogurt on the shelves led me to this new Dannon yogurt, ok and maybe the purple yogurt cups as I am always drawn to my favorite color, and I have to say… Yum!

Definitely worth a try:)

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