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Ok you have all heard me go on and on about my sincere love for a good cheeseburger, yet I have not featured one on FOREVERHUNGRY! One of my fellow wordpress bloggers, LA QUEEN PINS inspired me to go for a good burger this week.

Here it is! Biggies in Carlsdadt, NJ has award winning burgers, ribs, raw bar, etc. as I have mentioned before. However i would really like to focus on the delicious burgers today. This is a plain bacon cheeseburger- but not plain in the taste category by any means!

A simple patty with bacon, cheddar cheese,  swiss cheese, lettuce and tomato placed on a fresh bun is all it took for me to fall in love! Not to mention the waffle fries it comes with are out of the world:)

Amazing burger alert!

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