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Keeping it simple


I think I have mentioned before how I am not a huge breakfast fan. I remember one time my sister and I mentioned to our mom how we liked ego waffles and next thing we knew, our whole freezer was stuffed with ego boxes. Of course after eating egos for two weeks each morning, we got tired of them! And there were still about 6 boxes we had to go through.

Everyone goes through phases of liking and not liking foods but this picture is of my most recent breakfast phases: a simple egg over easy on toast topped with shredded manchango cheese. It literally takes about 4 minutes to prepare, less time to eat and that means I have more time to sleep in!

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My sister is amazing in the kitchen! She is always coming up with something new and that’s one of the many reasons as to why I admire her so much! Plus it’s a pretty fair system: she cooks and I can sample things:) The only thing is that I’m living in north jersey and she’s in south jersey at culinary school. I only get to taste her latest creations when we are both home or when we visit each other.

Anyway! This is Breakfast Bruchetta. Eggs, mozzarella cheese, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil. It is light, yet so satisfying!

Breakfast bruchetta

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