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A Taste of Colombia!


I was first introduced to Colombian food in North Carolina at my friend Laura’s house way back in middle school. I absolutely loved “manzana”, (apple soda) and could not get enough of it! Problem was, I had no idea where to get it besides Laura’s house, so that was pretty much the only time I ever had it.

As life continued, I moved to NJ, Laura made her way to DC and manzana slowly began to slip my memory.

It wasn’t until I moved to NJ that I heard about Noches de Colombia in Englewood, NJ.  I was reunited with  my obsession from the past. 🙂 Not only did the restaurant offer the apple soda, but an amazing variety of authentic Colombian food. I had never seen anything like it!

This is a picture of…heaven. 😉 Kidding, it is a picture of Bandeja Paisa, a Typical Colombian meal that consists of carne (meat), plantains, frijoles (beans), juevos (eggs), avacado and chicharrones. I did what I could with the translations!

This is definitely one of my new favorite meals and I love that I have friends that can introduce me to new foods that I might have otherwise never tried! Now it is your turn to try something new and go check out Noches de Colombia!

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