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Bergenfest de.lic.ious!


Yesterday I went to BergenFest Party and Expo at the Estate at Florentine Gardens in River Vale, NJ.

I knew I was in heaven immediately when we walked in the doors because we were offered Cake Pops right off the bat! Don’t mind if I do! The cake pops were from Cake Pops for You in Ridgewood, NJ.  I had a carrot cake- cake pop coated in white chocolate and orange sprinkles. Amazing.  I was blown away with the variety in food selections throughout the event- including the myriad of desserts! Lots to report and there are many reviews and pictures to come!

Bergen Health and Life Magazine hosted the incredible event and I was excited to meet the Publisher of the magazine, Linda Rothschild. They did a great job accumulating such a great variety of food vendors: Biggies, Pizza Fusion, Blue Moon, Ivy Inn, Nisi and much, much more.  Everything we tried was so delicious! Im going to start with Biggies…

This picture is a seafood salad from Biggie’s in Carlsdadt, NJ. I have been here a few times and absolutely LOVE the ahi tuna tacos, thai calamari and their draft beer selection. They are most famous for their raw bar (clams, oysters,)  ribs and burgers but I think they do everything right 🙂 The salad they chose to bring to Bergenfest was genius- it consisted of calamari, shrimp, crab, red onion and a wonderful combination of flavors with the dressing. I will definitely be ordering that the next time I go. Mmm mm!

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