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It was my husband’s birthday last week and I wanted to do something special from the moment he woke up! I make breakfast most weekends, so it was hard to think of something different and special to do for him. I have done pancakes, eggs, waffles, french toast, you name it and we have had it in the past month or two 🙂

I made the batter and poured a spoonful into a separate bowl, this would later be the “sprinkle” pancake. Although Danny does love sweets, I didn’t want to overdo the birthday theme and have this taste more like a cake so early in the morning! I just mixed a few sprinkles into the pancake that ended up on top, added a spoonful of whipped cream, sprinkled some powdered sugar, and voila! I thought it came out pretty festive!

I am working on my baking and cooking, and I definately think it has improved over the years; however, singing “Happy Birthday” is the next thing I might want to work on 🙂

What are your ideas for birthday breakfasts?


Birthday Pancakes

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