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Slamming sliders


I was pretty excited to make sliders as a part of the spread for Danny and Julio’s birthday party Friday night. I wanted to do something simple since I had not made them before and I didn’t have much time before all of the guests would arrive. Well I made about 14, ate 1 to make sure it tasted ok, then I just waited for people to come!

As I waited, I decided I would take two to my downstairs neighbors because I wanted someone to enjoy them while they were hot!

Once the guests arrived, the remaining sliders were gone in about 2 minutes. Uh oh! Realizing the cheese and crackers, pizza rolls and cake were not going to hold everyone over for the rest of the night I offered to order pizza. That wasn’t going to cut it.

JMo went out and bought ingredients to make more sliders. I would be lying if I said this was a picture of the sliders I originally made. Instead I will tell you that JMo showed me up in my own kitchen! His sliders were amazing- and Danny had the idea of coating the patties in black pepper corn which made them delicious!

I felt bad at first that I wasn’t being the best host since the guests were now the ones cooking, but now I like to look at it as doing everyone a favor! They would not have been able to taste the amazing sliders JMo had made if I just ordered pizza:)

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